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Originally Posted by puertoblack2003 View Post
I gave you what i know.Even server log info.If that didn't help then the mod needs to be re-visited.
Unfortunately that's not how it works

You left multiple questions un-answered, including follow-up questions to your response.

If we had been unable to resolve your issue remotely, I would have offered to visit your site and look into it there

Originally Posted by puertoblack2003 View Post
You left out few important feature that you should have posted that others should look into when installing the this mod

* Make sure that the server is running json
* Make sure server is running Curl and openssl is enable
I was unaware that there existed servers without these features enabled. I will look into adding pre-install checks to ensure these features are available before the modification will install

Originally Posted by puertoblack2003 View Post
When in twitter dev console make sure to enable read/write feature is selected.Because in read option.It will not allow your post to show up in Twitter.And that what i explained when nothing was showing up in twitter when i did a test post.
This is already explained in the installation instructions (Section 4, Step 4-5)

Support is ONLY available @ our website, not via modification threads, Private Message or email.
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