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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
cke_pastebin is being called. Looks like a member, possibly Ozarkryder, pasted content from Word or something that got mangled. Unapprove thread, go to ACP and look at the Thread / Post moderation queue to find the broken paste.

Thanks Kane! It didnt appear in the post or thread moderation que in Admin CP, but it was due to a faulty attachment in the first post on page 3. I couldnt view the post itself but in inspecting the page you were right that it was the first and only post on page 3 that squirreled the thread and it was posted by Ozarkryder. Since I couldnt view or edit the post, the fix was to go the Ozarkryders stats and under his list of latest posts, the post showed up. I was able to select that post and move it to our admin/mod forum as a new thread where it was for whatever reason, readable. I edited the post to remove the attachment and moved it back to page three of the origional thread and all is well!

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