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Originally Posted by Basscat
I never said vBHackers was breaking any rules nor am I trying to bash them. I am stating how unfair this current contest is.

I did receive a spam mail they sent out for members to check out the poll and a couple of other things. This went out to members who selected NOT to receive email from administrators in their usercp. I have mine set to NOT receive them for a reason.

Did I leave out the announcement on the forums at vBHackers about the poll? Like I said before...How can the average webmaster compete?

Perhaps should send out an email and put an announcement across all of its forums.

The current group of boards in the contest is based on membership loyalty.

How fair is this to the webmaster who does not have a membership based on licensed vb owners. Wake up and smell the coffee.

There is no way the average webmaster will be able to compete against this.

Yep....this contest is a LBotM contest. No thanks!

Ever noticed how all of the members here who have "coder" or "advanced coder" for a user title, voted for vbhackers?

Come on....This contest is not fair!

Perhaps you should break your contest down into catagories of boards. This way the average webmaster is not competing against boards with a large licensed vb member base.
There are 3 boards in the compitetion that have a memberbase of licensed vBulletin users. which has 25,837, which has 133,742, and which has 7,452. Look at those numbers. I didn't find it quite fair that was in the comeptetion because they are basicly running the poll and hosting it at there site, so they get ALL the exposure. set up a small message in there header for members only, there was even an option to close the message and not show it again.

If you don't want to see the message, then hit the little button on the right of the message that says [x] Close This Announcment, and it will never show back up again. If you have checked the option to not receive emails from admins, then I would suggest writing to them and letting them know so they can see into why the emails are being sent.

I'm acually quite suprised that is in the lead, as both vBseo and vBorg have a much larger database of members then they do and is getting most of the exposure. Nobody is forcing anyone to pick vBHackers, the members here can pick w/e they want. If any other site was winning, you would never hear me complaining
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