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I can think of a few:

- Award vBux points for top 10 high scores, not just highest scores. Admin has the ability to set all of these numbers.

- Can receive gifts/items rewards, not just vBux points

- Add few more default games

- Creating different teams/clans and have each clan challenge each other in a tournament.
- - - Private or public clans
- - - Jackpot amount can be divided equally to all clan members or each member recieve the jackpot amount
- - - Hidden traps/tricks other clan members or regular members. Recieve vBux if successful, loose points if fail.

- Bank robery (complement to the theft system in vBux/vbPlaza)
- Gift/items robery

Maybe the last two features belong to the vBux/vbPlaza, not obProArcade.
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