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Originally Posted by GekkoPixie View Post
Never mind, they randomly reappeared.
I had that same problem until I went thru all of the templets and the css page and replaced any reference to his forum with my own url. Now things don't randomly vanish. Put as your url the complete Although it's a pain in the gazootenblats, in the end it's well worth the trouble.

Now my turn to ask something. I have activated the tags and prefixes. The problem is with the tags. When I click on a tag from the search menu and get taken to a post that matches, I get a red x and a box just off the center of the thread info that has the tag info in it for that thread. When I run the properties of the box it says it's under misc and has a name of tag.png. This file is no where to be found.

How do I either fix this or kill the function in this theme? This is the only theme I use that has this feature. Turning off the VB tag feature is not an option.
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