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sorry guys im in exam season now. i'll completlly free on this weekend.
Originally Posted by SoloX View Post
very nice concept but does not work well on at least IE 8.0.

I had bold checked. The color showed in editor but bold did not, when i previewed, none of the colors or default text settings showed but posting the message revealed just like what I had set in usercp. This will be confusing to the users.
i hv test it on FF, Ie (6,7,8) and working prefect.
Originally Posted by g0dfather1984 View Post
I had my first user bring that up today. They said the minute they changed their font color that they couldn't type any where except in the chat box.
can you report me about whats is your browser ?
For who use's my products. (All of it), I always support latest version of vBulletin only. So, if you use my products you'll find a working version of it for your current version. but I CANT SUPPORT IT unless you are using the latest version of vBulletin.
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