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Okay, I want to like this mod, but there are way too many issues in this initial release. For starters, it's not Firefox 3.5 (Mac) friendly at all. The Home/Directory/Companies/User CP tabs do not format correctly in Firefox. When viewing a company, the Overview/Map/Photos/Items links are smashed together.

- I've tried multiple times to upload valid photos with a company, but the photos are never applied.

- There's no option to choose a category when you add a new company. I've added two categories from the AdminCP, but there's no place to choose the category when adding a new company.

- Unable to rate a company.

- This image nophoto.gif is missing from the /microbusiness/images/ folder. I checked my download and verified it's not there. Consequently, all image links are broken.

- If you add a website to a new company, then try to click the Website link on Company Overview it's prefixing like this:

- While on the Home tab, if a user clicks on Premium Items/Top Rated Items/Popular Items/New Items their taken to a blank white screen.

I've tried this mod on both Safari 4.0.1 and Firefox 3.5 (Mac)
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