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Originally Posted by LuisManson View Post
tagged, thanks,
it uses the forum as referer or the image domain?
Internally, it skips all images containing $vbulletin->options['bburl'], and, if specified (options), the bburl replacement. Additionally, you may add (options) more folders and/or domains to skip.
Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
Thanks for coding this as I think it's very useful ...

I don't have a development board capability, just a live site with 13,000 members and lots of IMG externally hosted pics, so I'd love to get feedback from folks who install and test this before I try it on our live site ... just in case ...

ps: does it go back and bring in externally hosted pics from OLD existing posts, or just new ones posted from the time forward after the mod is installed?

Originally Posted by sticky View Post
So will it go through all past posts and replace those images?
Yes, it parses all posts from the beginning.
Originally Posted by Wajdan View Post
I snap shot would be highly appreciated....!
It has not much to show off - maybe the options window?
Italian support:

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