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Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
Thanks ...

Two clarifications ...

1. If the image is not longer available on the remote external site, where the poster has moved or deleted it, how does it handle those circumstances?

2. We use a special external reference that ties back to a Highslide display of images we store off-site on a separate special server. The syntax is [HSURL]http://www.pic.jog[/HSURL]. I believe it's BBCode triggered and displays those external pics as pop-ups. We would NOT want those references changes, so does your mod skip those because there are not IMG type tags and it will work fine for us with the HSURL internal code?

Thanks again for your efforts....

1. This depends on your 'Remove Invalid Images' settings (options). Invalid images are also courtesy pages, invalid images (scripts) or anything else which can't be loaded by the image* functions of the GD image library.
2. Please add "www.pic.jog/" to the "Ignore" settings (options) in order to skip all possible image URLs containing this string. If it is BBCode wrapped differently from [IMG] tags, it won't get imported anyway.
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