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Hehe, just thought of this using Freestylez's code (above) - for vBadvanced

Go to admincp => Add Module => Template

Module Title => Sudoku
Column => Center
Display Order => Your Choice
Active => Yes
Update all pages => Your Choice
Template to Include => adv_portal_sudoku
Style => Choose your top level style
Template Content =>
Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Use Module Shell Template => No
The next 3 choices - leave blank, adjust usergroups as needed.


admincp => Add Page => Template

Page Title => Sudoku
Page Identifier => sudoku
Display Order => Your Choice
Meta Keywords => Your Choice
Meta Description => Your Choice
Parent Page => Your Choice
Custom Style for this Page => Your Choice
Page Active => Yes
Template Title => adv_portal_sudoku
Use Module Shell Template => No
Modules Enabled: I personally left all the left ones and right ones currently intact but only chose Custom Page Content for the center page.
Adjust the rest of the page as suited (eg usergroup permissions).

I have set it up here - I hope I have set it visible to everyone.
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