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Originally Posted by BirdOPrey5 View Post
If you are in a style (NOT the Master Style) but in any installed style reverting the template will undo all customizations made to that template in that style. You wouldn't see the Master Style unless you were in debug mode.

No reason to delete the php files, those weren't changed.

Also if you uninstall the mod that will erase all the previous "thank yous" you had, I don't see any benefit to uninstalling the mod.

Just re-install the mod with "Allow Overwrite" set to YES.

Then go to your styles and revert the 2 mod templates edited above, you should be back to a stock Thank You install.

And can I have a link to your forum (PM me if you don't want to post it.)
Oh, this is nice, before you replied, I had uninstalled anything, including the files (the agony) reverted those 2 templates, then re-uploaded the files, and imported the product, now nothing is working, great.

What should I do?
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