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So, there's the border around the outside of the actual forum, just like in your screenshots. I figured out how to adjust the border size, but one thing I don't understand is how to add images in that bordered area. For example... your screenshots have autumn colors kind of blurred together. That looks cool, but mine just has one solid brown, and no gradient or blur. Another cool idea I'd like to try is to have pumpkins or autumn leaves (like the png files included in the DontLoad folder) and have them randomly scattered in the border. How can I do this type of thing??
Are you talking about the logo/header? I accomplished that by doing it in layers. It's the psd file.

Okay, I just looked at it in my file, I merged it and left it so all you could add was the name. Let me see if I can find the original image, unmerged. Liz

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