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Of course, this too won't stop the human spammers. And it is really tricky on a forum where you're trying to increase traffic, to have to decide if some of their posts is spam and delete them. Apparently they're just trying to build up x posts so they can post a link??? Makes little sense since they must know as soon as they post the link we'll know they're spammers.

I'm beginning to suspect they must get paid pennies to post regardless if it has links. Or they're just damned dedicated!

An example post from last week in a thread "most popular domains" (I didn't delete it or her. Yet.):
I am here in this Internet marketing field for more than 2 years. I did visit lot of sites with the domain name extension, .com, .net and got links so many times. Next to these domain name extension, i didn't expect that .jp will take the 3rd place with 5.4 billion pages. Really a surprise!!
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