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Originally Posted by loua_oz View Post
yes, exactly. that version was asking for that, 4.2.1 does not.
let alone deleting the whole /install directory.

vB staff are in damage control, bshitting and pointing at customers as their guilt. this blunder may spell the end of them, as a company and their jobs.

next morning, someone may wake up and say: let's hack another 100 of vB sites.
I see staff over there busting their arse to help, I bet they are handling an abundance of tickets the best they can honestly.

Now let's think about this for a minute...
- This is a 100% new exploit that was just brought to their attention, they immediately went about investigating and offering a potential fix before knowing the full extent of the issue and it was on par i.e. delete the /install/ directory. My point is they took immediate action, it's not like they are vBSEO where a KNOWN exploit was left included across countless versions over the course of a year, that was horrid and unforgivable, this was just another case of someone having too much time on their hands and just enough brainpower to pull it off half proper.
- While I agree with you on the delayed "eBulletin" email being a "fail" per say as it was several days late, the fact of the matter is this was announced, on a site that is RSS feed into more sites than there are Chevrolet cars on the road so how you missed it ENTIRELY is beyond me I'm literally baffled. Please bookmark the site and check it daily, as a vBulletin forum owner you need to check the site once daily the same as you do the mail, reading the paper, or watching the news those are daily habits and maintaining your forum is now one, make note of that!
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