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Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman View Post
While I agree with you on the delayed "eBulletin" email being a "fail" per say as it was several days late
Thanks for acknowledging that. When I asked why it was send out so late that was not a question well received at

, the fact of the matter is this was announced, on a site that is RSS feed into more sites than there are Chevrolet cars on the road
Since when does vB5 support RSS feeds? How do I subscribe to it - genuine question, I wanted to subscribe to it since subscription to a forum does not work either, as far as I know.

so how you missed it ENTIRELY is beyond me I'm literally baffled.
Given that the messaging functions of vB5 do not work, it's not so astonishing, really.
Please bookmark the site and check it daily, as a vBulletin forum owner you need to check the site once daily
Sorry, but you can't be serious about that. People have lives! IB twiddles their thumbs for seven days before sending out an email about a crucial security issue, and you're really of the opinion that customers have to check out the company website daily (which is, once again, running a software that lacks even the most basic subscription features)?
Please note that there will be no further updates to my addons, especially they will not be upgraded for vB5. I'm leaving vB, since IB choose to go the banana-way yet again.