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Originally Posted by cellarius View Post
Thanks for acknowledging that. When I asked why it was send out so late that was not a question well received at

Since when does vB5 support RSS feeds? How do I subscribe to it - genuine question, I wanted to subscribe to it since subscription to a forum does not work either, as far as I know.

Given that the messaging functions of vB5 do not work, it's not so astonishing, really.

Sorry, but you can't be serious about that. People have lives! IB twiddles their thumbs for seven days before sending out an email about a crucial security issue, and you're really of the opinion that customers have to check out the company website daily (which is, once again, running a software that lacks even the most basic subscription features)?
Ohh I didn't acknowledge I simply made a logical observation that is was later than a lost teen on prom night - I'm not on staff their anymore so (get ready for this runonramblinglol) no one cares if I acknowledged it or not unless it's for the sake of arguments sake that it was just late lol.

As for the rss feeds... you got me there and the messages you say? Is it obvious I'm not up to par on vB5 Cellarius - Can you imagine why? All I know is if it looks like a Beta Product, Smells like a Beta product, and Acts like a Beta product it surely must be a Beta product... still feels like a Beta product to me as of 9/18/2013.

So of course my arguments are invalid now that I know .
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