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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
It's hard to know how someone gained access to your server without having access to your vBulletin forum/logs.

Anything is possible such as: shared webhost breach, insecure vBulletin plugins, bad vBulletin configuration, other vulnerable software hosted on the server, etc.

You could start out by posting all of your plugins here.
i contact my server, don`t have any log hack .. they said hack from script, not from sever attack

this my plugin
  1. Adam's Subscribed Thread Notifications
  2. Advanced Application Forms (INACTIVE)
  3. BT - Social Group Message Quote
  4. Change Posts Owner
  5. Chip2love.9xpro - Limit new thread/post per day
  6. First Post on all pages (INACTIVE)
  7. Forum Category Icons (Advanced)
  8. Forum Runner (INACTIVE)
  9. GeekyDesigns Default Avatar
  10. Global Threads: The Next Generation FREE by BOP5
  11. GlowHost - Spam-O-Matic
  12. Helpful Answers (INACTIVE)
  13. iTrader (INACTIVE)
  14. Limit Posts Per Day in Threads by BOP5
  15. Make Prefixes Clickable to Filter Forumdisplay
  16. Mark Thread As 'Sold'
  17. Minimum Post Count Required To Post Blog Entries
  18. Mod-Mall BB Code Spoiler
  19. More Share Options for VB4 by BOP5 Light (INACTIVE)
  20. Nested Quotes
  21. Advanced User Tagging (DBTech)
  22. DBSeo (DBTech) (INACTIVE)
  23. Panjo (INACTIVE)
  24. PB Usergroup Choice on Registration (INACTIVE)
  25. Ajax Point System
  26. PostRelease (INACTIVE)
  27. ProvB - Extra Threadfields
  28. Rotating Banner System
  29. Skimlinks Plugin (INACTIVE)
  30. Subscription Notification System
  31. Tapatalk (INACTIVE)
  32. Thread Participants - by rellect
  33. Threads Started by User in Postbit & Profile
  34. User Article Count (INACTIVE)
  35. Usergroup Allow HTML
  36. vBadvanced CMPS
  37. vBulletin Blog (INACTIVE)
  38. vBulletin CMS (INACTIVE)
  39. vFcoders - Ajax First Post Collapsable Hack (INACTIVE)
  40. View your Threads or Posts from the Navbar
  41. VSa - Sub-Forum Manager (INACTIVE)
  42. WS vBulletin Tweet Poster
  43. XenForo Style Avatars
  44. [OzzModz] Exclude Forums From Activity Stream (INACTIVE)
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