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Just got the call from the scheduler for Friday at 11. I found it interesting that they changed the ct assisted biopsy to ultrasound. The tech that is, the doc ordered the ct one.. The guy I talked to said it is much more accurate than ct were you have to constantly leave the patient and go look at the screen to see placement. He said it is really easy to go past were you want to be doing a ct assisted biopsy.

Being that she has the hormone based form of breast cancer(triple positive), and on permanent hormone therapy to block it, we were hoping that it was all down to maintenance now, all be it for the rest of her life. So this came as a bit of a surprise..

She troopered through chemo as well and refused to quite working due to the bills involved and all. She was stage 4 but the oncologist was able to clear it from her system with the chemo and hormone injection..

We are fairly confident that it is benign but considering it's a lymph-node we are concerned.. It had spread to some of them and was on her rids as well as a spot in her liver but the treatments had killed it all off within 8 months and with the permanent hormone shots to block it every month we were, are, very confident it would not be an issue again so soon. Well, not that it ever ended.. She is still on the same schedule that she was when the chemo started, only now it's just the hormone stuff that they hook up to the port when she goes in.

I had a pretty good position and pay was good for me a year ago and we were able to stay on top of things, but the owner of the company and I had got into a little row over how the company was being run and he let me go.. A few months later it all pretty much collapsed on him.. I guess he should have listened and headed my warnings..

I was able to get a lower paying job pretty quick but the damage was done and it was all down hill from there as we could not stay on top of things at that point as the medical bills had to come first.. I'm not in debt other than some of the medical stuff as I was able to take care of any outstanding dept before it got bad as well as shed all but the necessities.

Now I'm just fffft.. What do we do now?? It really sucks loosing your house after being in it for 15 years.. Oh, to top all this off, a couple weeks ago some drunk hit my parked car in the wee hours of the morning and totaled it. Live really sucks sometimes..

I don't even know why I am posting all this here. I guess I just needed to vent in some fashion.
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