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If I were you I'd create a test database and try out vBulletin 4.2.5 before committing to any upgrade of a live site.

The real question is: Why are you looking to upgrade the forum software and will moving to vBulletin 4 accomplish that goal? If the answer is specifically mobile users then you'd be far better off moving to vBulletin 5 because it was more or less developed mobile first whereas vBulletin 4 was still developed desktop first and mobile was almost an afterthought. Ten years ago desktop usage was still well ahead of mobile device usage. All software was coded for desktop usage first.

You can find mobile themes for vBulletin 4 but typically the reviews on them are all the same in that they are only partially responsive or incompatible with the most recent browsers and devices.

Are you looking to develop your own mobile applications?

Do you have any modifications or add ons you consider vital to your site?
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