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Originally Posted by Meister2017 View Post
Why does it have to be fraud? If he has screenshots of the database it will be true. Every script has security holes and if you have plugins installed, the danger is even greater.
The number of vBulletin 4 sites running plugins is in the thousands last I knew. The odds that one site has a security vulnerability discovered by one individual which has not been exploited or reported by others are virtually zero. I personally administrate a dozen vBulletin 4 sites, all of which use third party modifications. Not one of them has had an issue as I type this.

Screenshots don't prove anything. I can create a screenshot of any vBulletin database just by creating an empty database and installing a fresh copy of the software.

It's patently false to say that "every script" has security holes. I'm not even going to argue that because it's a non-starter. There are scripts that don't even access the database.

Is it possible there's an exploit out there? Of course. Is there any empirical evidence of one being out there? Not at this time.
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