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Originally Posted by webmaster74 View Post
Hi. When I started using vbulletin years ago, it was easy to play around with the script. I found an easy way of showing small thumbnails next to each forum and everyone was happy.

Today Google is downgrading my site and I am losing traffic, basically all traffic from mobile devices because according to Google, my website shows more than 10,000 errors

Usability issue Pages with issues
1 Touch elements too close 9,293
2 Viewport not configured 8,659
3 Small font size 8,657
I am sure you used Google Mobile-Friendly Test to test your forum and you are seeing that because your forum is not in responsive design. Try to find a responsive theme for vb4.2 on theme marketplace or do it for yourself.

Originally Posted by webmaster74 View Post

I am trying to fix those but can't find out answers. I did hours of searching but did not get to the end of it. Any help would be welcome.

1. vbulletin 4.2.3, with mobile style installed and chosen in the style options to be displayed to mobile devices.
Check Style & Language Settings in your Admincp/options

Originally Posted by webmaster74 View Post

2. When I use a mobile phone emulator, indeed, the mobile style is NOT picked up, and my site shows with the desktop default blue style.
Check step 1, mentioned above

Originally Posted by webmaster74 View Post

3. Forum Runner active, but apparently Google did not consider it.

The thing is that even if I find a responsive theme and install it, I would still wish to add my ads and site header to it, which would make it not responsive again....
Because you didn't make your image as responsive image.

Originally Posted by webmaster74 View Post
There are thousands of coders and designers out there who say they could fix this, but I can't trust a stranger with my 12 year old site.... I can't give ftp access, and can't give admin or control panel access to someone I don't know.

What shall I do? I don't want my website to die .... Google is already burrying it in a grave...
If you could not trust someone, you have to do it yourself

Hope it helps!
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