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Rebuild attachments

There are some posts including missing pictures that I would like to restore. Luckily I have a complete database dump so I can reconstruct everything. I've already restored the posts (tables node and text). Tables attach and filedata should be restored, too.

Now, however, the images or attachments in posts are still not displayed. Instead, I see this:
This is my text...

{"alt":"Click on the graphic for a magnified view Name: untitled.jpg Views: 1 Size: 111,1 KB ID: 11111","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"11111","data-size":"full","title":"untitled.jpg"}
Restored tables: node, text, attach and filedata.

What else do I have to do, to make these embedded images visible again?

SOLVED: Missing data in table node caused the problem.

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