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Section targeting for Adsense is obsolete. Over the last few years Google has improved Adsense software to better match ads to users in many ways.

Google Adsense: "Section targeting is obsolete."

Google now automatically delivers ads that are targeted to your content or audience. This is done in three different ways:

Contextual targeting
Our technology uses such factors as keyword analysis, word frequency, font size, and the overall link structure of the web, in order to determine what a webpage is about and precisely match Google ads to each page.

Placement targeting
With placement targeting, advertisers choose specific ad placements, or subsections of publisher websites, on which to run their ads. Ads that are placement-targeted may not be precisely related to the content of a page, but are hand-picked by advertisers who've determined a match between what your users are interested in and what they have to offer.

Interest-based advertising
Interest-based advertising enables advertisers to reach users based on their interests and demographics (e.g. 'sports enthusiasts'), and allows them to show ads based on a user's previous interactions with them, such as visits to advertiser websites. To complement interest-based advertising, Ads Settings lets users view and edit their interest categories.

The last in the list of three above, Interest-based advertising, is where currently Google claims to get it's highest click through rates. So don't be upset if Googles ads do not match your forum content specifically, there is a reason for it.
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