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Old 21 Jan 2010, 16:38
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This hasn't quite worked right since it was updated to 4.0 compatibility... I'm an admin and I can't give negative reputation. I choose "I Disapprove" and type a message and the popup alert confirms that I've given POSITIVE reputation.

It's not my browser - I can log in as a test user and leave negative reputation.
It's not my settings - Admin users are allowed to leave negative reputation ("Yes" is chosen)
It's not the plugin's settings - I can change them and still am unable to leave negative reputation.

It IS - my usergroups. I have one other admin user and he reports the same thing. He's not able to give negative, or rather, when he tries it ends up positive like mine.

It IS - the plugin. If I disable it, I can give negative reputation.

I'm going to take a look at playing with the plugin myself here and I'll report back if I find the code that seems to fix it.
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