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Hey guys. I didn't want to start a new thread, but I did want to showcase what I have been working on for my community (many of you have given me advice or pointed me in the right direction. I'll try to explain each and show some images/code. Feel free to offer suggestions for how I can improve anything you see here.

Roster Management

My community/clan supports multiple games and brings in new games through a development process. We have our members let us know what their main-game is to give us a rough count of people active in that game. I had created the roster awhile back, but it was all hard-coded meaning every time a new game was added or changed its status I would have to manually edit the code. Needless to say I tried to train some of my admins but I quickly learned they would only break things. So I had to design an easier way to help them manage it. So I created a back-end roster manager after some time. I will link the roster and code as well as an image of the back-end. We are currently posting the code via a page-creator mod, but I'd like to move it to its own page and eventually create a plugin for community use. ^.^


Roster Codes:

I will post more as I complete them!
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