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Originally Posted by Cybershaolin View Post
It seems to work! Bravo!

I'll see if it holds to the option using my board in the next days...

Once again thanks a lot.
I talked too fast!

I really don't understand why it's not working well. After using my board today, with my postbit options set to Profile on top, it went back again to the profile displayed at left... even if I made those changes in the DB.

When it does revert to the profile on left even if my options are ser to show it on top (I have the server options displays at the bottom hack installed) it says that the postbit template is not cache. When the profile on top is displayed, it does not show that.

I had that cache problem before but with the postbit_legacy and somebody told me to add this in order to cache it:

I also tried the code posted by steven99 and it does not even want to give me a profile on top, even if it's selected in the my options.

So, in conclusion, it does not seem to work for me. I'm about to uninstall it if nobody can find a solution for me. It gives me headaches. I just don't catch it.
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