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Originally Posted by segwayon View Post
Seems like an odd disclaimer considering that vBulletin by default does collect the IP addresses of registered users.
I wouldn't really say that is personal. Personal is like addresses and such, but I guess it can be considered anything, in which is why I allowed you to change the message via the AdminCP.

Originally Posted by segwayon View Post
I believe ChopSuey is stating that any admin can manually add the same line of text into their forum's software's style and template editor so that the same message can be seen, hence no need for a product import such as yours. I am more confused that a coder would be confused by that simple statement! ;-)
As I said... I had JUST woke up. Anyway this was one of my first modifications for VBulletin. It got downloaded a pretty good amount of times, so obviously someone liked/wanted it. I know anyone can add the code to their templates, but what if you have 6 or 7 templates like me? Don't you think installing one modification and taking a few seconds to set up is worth it over wasting more than five minutes adding the code to each template over and over? Anyway I just made some improvements to the code and added some new features. I like to go back on some old projects and implement what I have learned over time. Sure if I wanted to I could make this into a whole huge modification, since I've learned so much, but as you said... a few minutes and anyone can add the manual template edits.
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