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Don't worry if you see them in the WOL, what you have to remember is whilst they are redirected the moment they arrive vbulletin may have already registered that they have arrived and for a split second show them in WOL, they only go missing from WOL when your WOL timeout has expired, i have mine set to 900 seconds (15 minutes) so i have to wait beyond that time before i see them disappear.

The fix im working on for "Create thread" to work with "Ban spiders in list" at this moment uses a hook thats compiled later so the bots always show in WOL (until they get the message for the 301) as the minute they are redirected another of their bots try to crawl your site but are instantly redirected, i could release that version but it will amount to loads of messages here saying "I can still see the spiders" so i wont release it until i can make the bots disappear after the WOL timeout.
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