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Originally Posted by BlueCheri View Post
Site Name: Offwalk - The Off topic forum


Description: General chat and discussion forum. A place to meet and make new friends. Relaxing and refreshing platform for online community.

Reason for Nomination:

- Spam free community
- Community with good contents
- Friendly staff and members
- Simple and easy to browse
- Growing community

Originally Posted by strudinox View Post
Site Name: GND-Tech


Description: We are on online computer hardware and PC gaming enthusiast community. Members have a passion for PC gaming, and getting the most out of our computers. We offer unbiased reviews on the latest computer hardware and tech related news, as well as guides on various topics such as overclocking. We take pride in our gaming rigs and the games we play!

Reason for Nomination: We are relatively new to the tech scene, but with our news, reviews, and community, we believe we are offering something great! We recently converted our forums to VB from phpbb about 6 months ago, which has been the best thing that ever happened to our site. We have sponsored gaming events and tournaments with great prizes. We are also a very respectful and mature community and welcome newcomers!
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Site Name: ORBKS Community


Description: In our community we share everything, pictures, games, information,
Software and more ....
And hope to develop a large community of sharing and helping.

Reason for Nomination:
The reason for participation, show that normal users rather than just web development experts can use systems such as VB.
Of course, a relatively small investment, it turns out anyone can open a site that looks pretty good and supports more than one language.

Good luck to all participants
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