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I have to agree with ForceHSS

I totally get the need for Lite and Pro versions.

However, a Lite version needs to have the right stuff in it for eval purposes and to be compelling to install to begin with.

My hesitation in installing are these elements not in the lite:

Automatically creates profiles
Ability to set usergroup for fake users who are added
Fake users have REAL profiles

If I were to install this, my users will easily call it out being fake stats and this is embarrassing and sometimes hard to recover from.

It will actually drive people away.

If they see fake stats/users and the profiles are missing this will be a dead giveaway they are fake.

I would need to set usergroups for this because if they are showing up as users in particular usergroups on my site where a lot of the people actually know people it will tip off the fact they are fake.

It's a neat idea and I can see how useful it could be and I would love to try it... but I also don't want it to be obvious to the savy people on my site... which I know I would get called out on.

My 2 cents

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