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Theres at least 4-6 new functions in this plugin that are in lite that do not exist anywhere else that are in available as the ability to modify the number of viewers per forum category, which is HUGE as well as provides a single plugin for all of the "existing functions" that fake plugins has.

= free feature thats pretty legit Fake Users viewing # + real viewers = dynamic number

We can't give all of it away... I really struggled to give as much as free as possible while still providing a good value proposition to premium people.

this mod if any real user go to who's online they will see it does not match up the who's online. It needs to be filled in with random guests and the users that are put into the options for this to work the way it should. If it was recoded in a way that you could not tell fake from real and even if the fake users or fake guests went to random posts then that would be a mod that all would install. And only admins can see the fake guests/users in who's online
In response to that - the full vers creates fake/real users, and profiles so they do show in who's online AND match up. xD

Introducing vBSocial 10

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