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Hi Mark,

there seems to be a problem with your Add-on V1.3.1 and VB Suite 4.2.3 PL1.

We have a strange behaviour with multiple quotes after upgrading.

VB before: 4.2.2 PL 5 Suite
PHP before: 5.3

VB after: 4.2.3 PL 1 Suite
PHP after: 5.6

Update went fine and all seems to work properly, except multiple quoting. When selecting some posts for multiple quotes, only the last posting ist quoted, but as often as posts are selected.
Post 1, Author 1
Post 2, Author 2
Post 3, Author 3

-> all three posts selected for quoting

In the text area:
"Quote from Author 1: Text from Post 3"
"Quote from Author 2: Text from Post 3"
"Quote from Author 3: Text from Post 3"

In other words: when selecting multiple posts for quote, the number of quotes is correct, the quoted authors, too. Quoted text is always the same in all quotes; it's the text from the last qoute.

I've disabled all plugins selectively, and the error occurs when your add-on is active; independent from other plugins. And it's reproducible: your add-on active -> error, your add-on inactive -> all ok.

I would be glad if you find a solution for that. If I might help you, let me know.

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