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Need help for a video game vbulletin project

Hi all,

First of all, I'm a french guy, so sorry for my bad english

I know that my topic is not going to be very popular, but I try all the same.

I am creating a project on the video games, with as vBulletin core.

There is already a great deal of site of video games, but my project is more on the management of collection of games.

I look for coders/designers who can help me in this project.

I prevent that there is no remuneration for the moment. I pay the hosting and the vBulletin license, I don't have more money for the moment.
I can translate all your products in French for free.

It's an ambitious project, based on vb 4.2.1

Thank you for reading me.
By hoping to have answers.

I would detail the project for the interested persons.


Don't hesitate to pm me for french translation of your hacks/mods/styles...
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