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I've been modifying the code on this to create seperate groups of what I call "ranks", Similar to what Sarcoth has created here: but his is generated from the vb profile and you are unable to add multiple characters for each user.
I've created a seperate table with several different ranks and I've hardcoded each rank to display in the order I want, that's 6 different ranks, but with a seperate query to the database for each of them, so 6 lots of queries, 6 sets of templates...

Could anyone give me some basic info on how to do this with a single query and a single template to display each rank, basically some sql to select all the members of a rank depending on what the rank is in the second table which is built like this:
|RankID | Rank Description|
1 Officer
2 Member
3 Recruit
So the page would dynamically display the groups depending on how many ranks there were.

I know only basic coding, and know that you'd have to store each set of records in an array of some kind, but lack the knowlege on how to do this.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this please?
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