Thread: Miscellaneous Hacks - DJ's Dynamic Tab Content for Postbit_Legacy
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Old 13 May 2010, 19:29
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Ok, so I found some time to play with this today and ran into a few issues. Most of them are going to be things I need to fix/figure out myself as I have many mods dumping data into the postbit... that should be fun.. ugh!

Anyway, I did run into one problem with the directions given here and it took me a bit to figure out.

The directions mention right clicking the tabcontent.js file and saving. You can't do that. Dynamic Drive prevents the hotlinking of their files and you get a file that doesn't work. Ultimately it saves as tabcontent.js.htm and just contains their "This is a no no" message in HTML.

So basically, you need to do what the second part of the directions say and go there and directly download it.
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