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Originally Posted by Trek View Post
Ok, so I found some time to play with this today and ran into a few issues. Most of them are going to be things I need to fix/figure out myself as I have many mods dumping data into the postbit... that should be fun.. ugh!

Anyway, I did run into one problem with the directions given here and it took me a bit to figure out.

The directions mention right clicking the tabcontent.js file and saving. You can't do that. Dynamic Drive prevents the hotlinking of their files and you get a file that doesn't work. Ultimately it saves as tabcontent.js.htm and just contains their "This is a no no" message in HTML.

So basically, you need to do what the second part of the directions say and go there and directly download it.
Which is why I provided the alternate download. I have, on occasion, still been able to download the JS file directly.

Originally Posted by Webbstre View Post
Finally installing this to what will be my live site, but I'm coming across a problem in 4.0.3. Basically, the headinclude code breaks the side somehow, resulting in an error that flashes in the window just long enough to be visible but not long enough to copy and select. Then the thread page loads with the templates or css or something all broken. I tried disabling other add-ons but the only thing that fixed it was reverting that one template.
Could you link me an example? I haven't had a chance to see this used on a board with a side installed yet. My demo board doesn't include the suite.

Originally Posted by GaryT View Post
Hi Jedi,
I had you install this on my site a year or so ago. It's a fantastic addition to any vb forum!!

Very professional.

As soon as I get some bucks in my paypal I'll hook up with ya to install this for me again on my vb4 site.
Thanks, Gary.

Originally Posted by EquinoxWorld View Post

I have adapted this code to work as a signature slider instead of a user info "slider". It works perfectly, I have added 5 extra signatures to a users sig placeholder. Only issue I'm having is that the buttons do not appear if using google chrome. It works perfect with IE and FF but Chrome the buttons don't show. Any ideas how I can fix this issue?

p.s.: If I can post the dynamic signature slider here let me know and I will gladly share it with you guys. (there is a signature slider mod in vbunderground but it does NOT work how they specify it there.)


I have come across several solutions for the issue with google chrome not displaying the buttons ; I enabled mytabs.init() and put in 10 sec intervals and the images do show rotating(but still no buttons to manually change the pic). Although we have run into another issue, we have LiveTopic installed for the forums and when in a thread that is "Live" the images do not show at all. You would have to refresh the page or edit your post to make the images viewable by you and the other users if and when they are in a "live" thread. If anyone has any feedback regarding these issues it would be greatly appreciated. Here is the modified version for signatures if anyone wants to use it go ahead, and many thanks to Digital Jedi for this very useful mod.

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PS..: I have made this so that only a certain usergroups can use the sig slider and the rest their normal signatures.

PS..: 2 We have found that the live topic issue and the button images not appearing is exclusive to Google Chrome. In IE and FF it works PERFECT! I can provide demo link if needed.
Was this only with the Singnature Slider or did you have trouble with the Dynamic Postbit as well? I know I have not had any trouble with my postbit mod, but I did run into issues whenever the init was set. That particular part of the JavaScript just didn't jibe well with vBulletin.

Originally Posted by merk_aus View Post
Hey there,
I have added the header stuff to the headerinclude, I have uploaded the files about five times have attempted the postbit template edits about five times and they are still not showing up.

Below is my postbit template can anyone help in telling me where I am going wrong?
I don't see anything wrong with your Legacy code, offhand. I would need to take a look at your site with the edits in place to see what the trouble is.
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