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Suggestion to all new customers

Suggestion to all new customers
Do not buy anything from vbulletin - you will be disappointed for your money!

Before i buy license for forum and also buy separate license for vbblog! Both is active today!
Today i use vb 3.8.4 and vbblog 2.0.2 -
can upgrade my forum to vb4 - but will lose about 1000 posts and articles from vbblog 2.0.2 or i can buy "suite" and continue use my blog- but i will not buy suite and i do not need CMS - will never use it!
I some customer can not make choice today what i want to buy or renew licenses!

That is shame - wrote to support about that and get answer - will copy:
We are no longer offering the blog as a separate product. If you'd like to use the blog with vBulletin 4 you'll need to purchase a 4.0 license.
But when i buy it was separate product and it was not 10 years before - (it was 1.5 year before). Nobody said that in future maybe it will not be separate product - they needed money in that time ... and today is same - no honesty no honor ...
will my money back (blog money) and will never never buy suite license!

Today i can download vb4 and upgrade my board - but will lose blog entries, pictures, posts and articles (more then 1000).
I can renew my license to vb (one year more), and still have same effect or problem. That mean that i must buy suite!!! My answer - Never!
Seller should not press me what i must buy - it is customer choice! It is human and honesty!
Because of that - recommended to all - buy nothing, because maybe in future you will also get answer like i today!



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