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Originally Posted by Carlos X View Post
I'll wait a while before implementing this. I would love to install it, but I'm concerned about security.
Security is always a valid concern although I don't see any possible way this mod could jeopardize your forum's security, it is a fairly basic JavaScript released by some of the most talented developers in the industry- probably better then vBulletin's, not meant in any way to insult vB who themselves are quite good. This mod is just Twitter's own instructions for installing their own Tweet button- I just found what I feel was the best place to put it on a vB forum... anyone is free to put this on any web page, forum or not... If, and I stress IF, there was ever any security issue with this mod it would:
1) Be corrected by Twitter ASAP with no work necessary on your part since this links to twitter's server to download the script.
2) Would be limited to, perhaps, security of your twitter account- not the forum in general.
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