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Originally Posted by imedic View Post
Should be VB default setting ... Great mod, many thanks.

Unfortunately upon testing I have received this error when trying to send email to a blocked user: and the MP pass trough.
Putting a moderator on ignore list is possible and you cannot send him a message (your mod is working). You receive the normal error message you set.

I have added registered users to Immune group ( your mod work for moderators set in immune group) but messages still pass trough and above error is shown for this users.

Additional testing: if a moderator is ignoring a user, if user try to send him a message will pass trough.

I installed it on a vb 3.5 and I have another PM enhancement (pop up private message). among other mods.
Can you confirm you are saying you got this error when trying to send an email to a blocked user? What were using to send the email? This mod shouldn't affect emails at all.

I really couldn't test this on vb 3.5 either so that might be part of the issue. I was able to test on 3.8 and 4.0 and there are no errors in normal operation of the mod.
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