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OK well your second test, with the full URL, would never ever work so I'm not surprised it didn't work for you.

As for your exact code: [zippy="64"]7291996[/zippy]

That should work. I copied it exactly and it works fine on both my 3.8.7 forum and my VB 4.1.5 forum, proof here:

So if it's not working for you I must conclude there was a mistake was made when it was installed. Do ANY zippy mp3's work for you or is it just this particular link you are having a problem with?

Did you remember to set Use Option to YES in the BBCode setup? That sounds like the most likely problem.

If you're sure that is set to yes please copy and paste here everything you have in the "Replacement" box of the BBCode. Please put it inside the [code] bbcode here so I can read it easily.
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