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Originally Posted by Hornstar View Post
Shame it does not work with the thanks mod from dbtech
It would still find videos and it would still allow avatar or forum logo sharing- just external images and attachments won't work.

I downloaded the dbtech mod to see if I could figure out a way to make them compatible but I can't make heads or tails of dbtech code.

If dbtech could fix their mod so they don't parse the $post['pagetext'] value- or even if they copied $post['pagetext'] to something like $post['noparse'] before parsing I could easily add code to detect if their mod is installed and if so use the alternate $post['noparse'] value when searching for images and attachments.

Those with a coding background may ask why don't I just search the parsed text for images <img> instead of [IMG]. The answer is because if I search parsed text for images and the first image is simply a smiley then the smiley would be the "thumbnail" which isn't going to work well for sharing on Pinterest.

Let me try and contact them and see if they have a solution.
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