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Originally Posted by atcspaul View Post
ohh thanks bop, i am using 3.8.7 and will wait till 3.8.8 gets out of beta, i am an old man and they were inventing calculators when i was in school so not real good with computers so minor things take me forever to figure out and fix, thank you again and as i said great mod
3.8.8 Beta 4 is as stable as any other version. You can wait if you wish but it is going to be months before it is out of beta, there is no rush to get it out of beta.

Originally Posted by Zachery View Post
Any reason you can't use header for PHP versions lower than 5.4?
The header function can only be called before any output is sent to the browser and in my tests output has already been sent by the time these hooks are executed resulting in the changes not being made.
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