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I have an idea.

I want to give someone control of their own thread. I figure that a good way to do that would be to duplicate the supermoderator group, calling it "threadModerator", then only display the "show admintools" dropdown IF the current user is both a threadAdmin AND is author of the current thread.

In other words, if the threadmoderator group is "100," How can I then say

If currently_logged_in_user is threadmoderator and
If currently_logged_in_user = thread_starter then
show admintools

I figure its something close to:

<vb:if condition="is_member_of($bbuserinfo, 100)">
<vb:if condition="is_author_of($thread)">
show admintools

It has to be something close to this...though I dont know how to query the system to find out the author of a thread...nor do I know how to reference the "show admintools" function...but I figure I've reasoned this out and given enough effort that one of you...who are MUCH better programmers than willing to help me (and anyone that wants to use the code, giving myself and the person who cleans this up the credit).

How bout it people? Can someone help with this...?

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