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Originally Posted by Aunt Clara View Post
My list of grievances is long and wide, but right now what has me stumped the most is the fact that I have yet to find a way to make the forum page attractive. I need to have the blog posts and articles from a specific section appear on the front page as they are created. I used two widgets for that but it looks horrible.

Is there any example of an attractive home page somewhere? Can anyone help, pretty please.
Home page layout is one of those things Clara, that you will be required to tweak and make changes to in order to make it "just right" for your site or in regards to how you believe it should be .

Here's some things that are possible:
  • Creating New Grids/Layouts.
  • Customizing the templates to add in your own CSS.
  • Customizing widgets.
  • Customizing your style to accompany one or all of the changes above.

Now there's also free modifications on here and widgets too simply browse the free modificaitons section for 4.x. If you have seen a site running 4.x and love that layout it's a good idea to post and ask questions about it, other members can point out something on the page that's a mod, lead you in the right direction etc.
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