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Originally Posted by Lionel A. View Post
Jelle, would it be possible for me to set it up so that even guests can download the files?

Also, is this compatible with vbSEO?

Yes it is compatible with vbSEO as i am using it on my site with vbseo however it does not make use of all the vbseo benefits, however if you search for downloadsII I have started a thread over at vbseo trying to make it better, and you will find out more there.

Originally Posted by moreilly View Post
No, it's not. I am sure it could be, but not at the moment it isn't.
guests is a yes, and vbseo is a yes, so not sure why you said no.

Originally Posted by imranbaig View Post
You can allow guests to download, from usergroup permissions, make sure you allow only 10-20 files for guests to download with a delay of 20-25 seconds, which will force them to register
Thats correct. good advice.

Also, for my post here

I am willing to pay a little bit of money for it as well. because i know your time is valuable.

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