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Originally Posted by GamerGirl27 View Post
This hack is amazing! I'm about to install it, but I do have one question... how does it work in regards to forum permissions?

Ie. If I am connected to FB via this hack and I post in a staff topic, its not going to publish the name/link of that topic in the news feed on FB, is it?

If your whole forum is set to private (you have to register to view it, and some other areas are set by postcount minimum) then does this mean that topics will still be published? As obviously FB cannot tell which of its users' friends have the same access to read those topics iykwim.

Thanks in advance, waiting for confirmation so I can get this up and going
It tries to. You have to tell it "no" or I think it would.

I turned off the publish stories function because the yes or no function was annoying and I had to tell it "no" on some so I couldn't just set it to "always do this"...
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