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I'm not going to post the whole thing as it's site specific and would likely break things on others' sites, but the general steps I followed are (note that there are other approaches as well, such as caching the entire query, but I figured it would be best performance-wise to just cache everything):

1. Strip out the navbar/header/footer from the SHOWGROUPS template
2. In showgroups.php, cache the evaled output of SHOWGROUPS in a variable called $HTML using the code model at the top of this thread
3. At the end of the file, print the output using GENERIC_SHELL. This will prevent caching of the navbar/header/footer, so that they are always current.

Note that if you use multiple styles that don't share the same graphics, you either have to set $cache['datafile'] = 'something' . $styleid, or use a global replace for image folder paths.
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