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I installed this yesterday on 4.2, which qualified about 500+ users to receive the emails.

It does work and some of them received emails, but I'm wondering if it has some kind of known issue with 4.2 ?

At 1:30am nothing happened. However, if I run the task manually, it will do 25 people at a time (which is what I have it set to) I have since done it enough times to process all of the ones in the qualification queue.

The notification emails to the admin are also very sporadic. if I do a manual event to run this, it may be 3 or 4 hours before I receive emails for each individual batch. It will send them about 30 minutes apart, for each group of 25. But it will only do this for 1-3 of them and then stops again. I received about half of them so far.

So it's working, but I'm not sure how reliably. I received a couple bounced emails, so I know at least some have gone out. (if not all)

What i'm not clear on is why the "inactive user email reminder report" to admin seems to come hours later, if at all. It would also be nice to put a space after each name, in that report, if possible

Thanks in advance for any clues or advice, and for putting together such a great feature! This is something that should probably be built into VB, IMO.

Have a great day!

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