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Usergroup Malfunction for New Users

When new users register, they are sent an activation email. At this point, they are initially put in the Users Awaiting Email Confirmation group. After clicking the link in the activation email, the users are not being moved to the Users Awaiting Moderation group, even though this option is enabled in User Registration Options. Because they are not moved to the 'Awaiting Moderation' group, there is no indication on the Control Panel home page that anyone is awaiting action from the administrator. In looking at the user record, Administrators is selected as the Primary User Group. We are running 4.2.3 patch level 2 with New reCAPTCHA as the Human Verification method. I know I can opt to be emailed when a new user signs up, but what I really want is to just see them in the Control Panel home page.

Any ideas?