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I was wondering if this MOD could be used another place in vBulletin besides just the registeration process? Namely,

Ref: Tipem's comment...
Surprisingly enough, I've tried this and it's worked (not involving verification images or captcha).

On your web form, have a "verify" input text box. Above that say: "Enter in 'V f r 4 R $' without spaces or quotes in the text box below" (and the verification code can be static).

And whaddya know -- no spam from email web forms. Eventually spam bots might figure this out, but it can be a quick fix. To make it even more difficult, you could say "Enter in 'V-4-R-$-s' with no spaces, quotes, or dashes in the text box below." Because a spam bot isn't human, they cannot comprehend this. It's all about fooling bots. The key is not to do it a methodical way, not a hidden or "tricky" way -- just an "odd" way that only humans can comprehend.

taken from

Upon reading that, I wondered if this MOD could be used on the 'contact us' form as well as the new user registeration perhaps? If so, where would one add the code in vBulletin to do so?

GREAT MOD by the way, one of my favorites!
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